Estevan Padilla

Principal/Executive Creative Producer

With over 23 years in the themed entertainment industry, Estevan has had extensive experience in creative and technical design, construction and fabrication, operations, and project management. With a formal education in leadership and his drive for building and leading effective project teams, he has become an asset for completing complex projects. Estevan effectively contributes to the success of a project by functioning with positive leadership, a high degree of initiative, entrepreneurship, creative problem solving, organization, and autonomy to deliver projects that clients are proud of and will return to do business with Show Element Lab.

As a former General Contractor, Estevan owned and operated Big Bang Theming (BBT), a design and fabrication studio, for over 10 years. BBT provided design and project management services for custom themed environments, displays, and props. Some of his practical talents include but are not limited to: welding, carpentry, casting, sculpting, mold construction, artificial rock work and special effects just to name a few. Being a GC, Estevan is familiar with many construction codes and has experience with oversight of construction sites, risk management, and subcontractor selection/management.

Glennis McClellan

Principal/Executive Creative Director

Glennis has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She has worked on internationally recognized brands and IP for Disney/Pixar, Hasbro, Warner Bros. and more. Glennis has experience working on a variety of entertainment-based projects from AAA video games and Apps to theme park rides and attractions. She has extensive brand experience with both 2D & 3D productions. She also owned her own mural company, Big Mural Designs. At BMD she produced large format murals (both hand painted and digital). She also provided interior designer services at BMD for both commercial and residential properties.

Glennis’s core competencies revolve around art and design. Her digital skills include 3D design (CAD, Sketchup, 3DSMax), 2D and graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Sketchup Layout). Audio (Pro Tools) and motion graphics (After Effects, Premier Pro) as well as experience with 3D game engines (Unreal, Unity). She also has practical art skills in sculpting, casting, mold construction and scenic painting. Glennis shepherds the development of our projects through concept art, storyboards, creative copy/scripts, animation, audio, character and environment design from pitch to implementation.