The Crazy Cactus Roaring River is a southwest themed lazy river attraction at Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags, in Phoenix, AZ. The experience features wave action, fast-moving water, tipping buckets, multiple themed refreshing waterfalls and misting fog in an invigorating river ride.

This project required many skills and trades. The main signage was rockwork over a welded armature, created on site. The giant rattler was a fiberglass sculpture outfitted with water and misting systems.The old mine train mill was created to disguise the wave generator pump house, as were other themed structures to hide various equipment on site. Prop procurement for the lost rafters supplies and gear were sourced. And finally a timber framed awning that holds a raft and spray systems, as well as other scenic and rockwork. We also developed the story for the attraction. (see below)

The Story

As Guests sign up to travel this “not-so-lazy” river, the story of the lost rafters unfolds:  A few years back, a group of 12 rafters, looking for adventure, braved the white waters of the Crazy Cactus Roaring River. The group became disoriented and lost, their abandoned rafts found aground alongside the river’s edge. Although they vanished completely, Guests have reported seeing the lost rafter’s abandoned base camp, their gear still intact.  Guests cling to their floating devices as they follow the path of the vanished rafters, They speed pass an old abandoned mine that spouts water from multiple locations and other white water obstacles that toss them about. While navigating the ‘final’ bend of the roaring river, the Guests find themselves face to face with a giant 13’ high spittin’ rattlesnake skull. The only way past it is through its mouth! It is thought that to this day, the original rafters are still out there looking for Guest riders to find them and show them the way out.