Set pieces included 3D replicas of the earth (8’ in diameter) and our moon (4’ in diameter). Each planetary object was created to scale and has sculpted realistic topography and painted to represent actual colors. Black light paint was added to enhance the effects of space under show lighting. The moon also did double duty, hiding the room’s sophisticated projection equipment.


Technical design for show lighting included integration of fiber optic stars in the ceiling, walls and floor. Multiple galaxy themed murals, moon installation for the $110,000 protection unit, and theatrical lighting design for full show mode. This includes lighting ques for both house and show lighting scenarios and point of connections for all show lighting fixtures. Under show lighting the doors entrance and exits seem to crack the very existence of time and space.


The galactic home theater was designed for a private client in Scottsdale, AZ.
The concept for this16 seat dedicated home theater is that the Guests are floating in space 500 miles from the surface of the earth. When seated, Guests experience the void of space all around them, even at their feet as they gaze at twinkling constellations and nebulae like the Milky Way and the Helix Nebula Eye.