The Electric Forest Music Festival is a four-day music and arts festival held annually in Rothbury, Michigan, USA. The festival takes place in late June and features a diverse lineup of electronic, jam band, and indie music, as well as live art installations, workshops, and various other attractions.

The festival is known for its unique and immersive environment, which features a heavily forested landscape with themed areas like the “Sherwood Forest,” where attendees can explore interactive installations and performances. The festival also emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness, with efforts made to reduce waste and promote recycling and composting.

We created digital art, special effects and content for several installations at this event for th Electric Dream Machine/ Project the Vision

  • The entrance
  • Forest stage
  • Elephant sculpture
  • Wooden pyramid

Overall, the Electric Forest Music Festival offers a vibrant and inclusive community for music lovers and artists alike, and has become a popular destination for festival-goers from around the world.