Rockin Robot Exhibit Concept Art.

We created the story, concept art, FX, music and backdrop mural for this sand sculpture project. The mural was designed so that neon animations could be projected onto it. You can read more about it here on Epson’s Website.




A whistle blows and the robot technician is activated. His eyes open and his control panel illuminates with flashing lights and dials. A revving noise is heard as the rest of the machine is activated. The robot arms and conveyor belt start to move, as the factory “comes alive” as music plays. Each “show time” features music from a different decade.

Suddenly, there is a loud noise like a wrench in the gears. The machine sputters and pops and starts to fail and then the whole thing powers down. Steam comes out of the broken machine. the machine is motionless for a brief time and then the whole cycle begins again. #sandsculpture #robots #projectionmapping #projections #showdesign #technologyintegration #epsonprojectors